Relationship Tips: 5 Ground Rules To Set When Arguing With Your Partner


relationship tips in arguing

Here’s a pretty obvious relationship tip: Arguments are normal and inevitable. No relationship is perfect and sooner or later, you and your significant other will arrive at a point where you just don’t agree on something. It could be his bad habit of leaving the toilet seat up or scratching his crotch in public. It could be your constant nagging or habit of leaving the fridge open. Whatever the cause of your argument may be, it’s important to set boundaries to your arguments.

Here are 5 ground rules you and your S.O. should set to make sure you keep your argument at a healthy level and avoid irrevocably hurting eachother.

1. Remember You’re Not The Only One Hurt

It’s easy to get carried away by your emotions in the middle of an argument. You could say something that might do nothing but damage instead of something that could resolve your problem. Always remember that during an argument, you’re examining the problem itself. Be fair with your rebuttals and remember that you’re not the only one who could get hurt in the relationship.

2. Be Aware Of What You’re Arguing About

Don’t stray too far from the issue. As mentioned above, examine and tackle the problem itself and not the person you’re arguing with. Be mindful of why you’re arguing in the first place. Is it important? Will it make things better for the two of you? If not, then it’s probably not worth stressing yourselves over.

3. Realize The Outcome You’re Trying To Achieve

When arguing, it’s important to note what you’re trying to achieve by it. Will it make your relationship more harmonious afterwards or will it just make things altogether toxic? Remember that there’s a difference between arguing to resolve an issue and arguing just because you can.

4. Take A Step Back

When things get too heated and intense, remember that you always have the choice to take a step back. Realize when it’s time to stop arguing and when to calm yourself down. Just remember that if what you’re arguing about won’t matter in 5 years, then it probably shouldn’t matter now.

5. Learn From It

Learn from the experience. What can you do to prevent such an argument from happening again? What do you have to do to improve your relationship? If you really love someone, you both would be willing to compromise in order to make things alright again. If possible, talk about the problem calmly and lastly, seal it with a kiss.


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