Relationship Goals: 5 Signs He’s Serious About Dating You


relationship goals

Dating can be fun and sexy but if you’re looking for a “relationship goals” kind of dating, you’d better examine your partner and the way he behaves around you and not just the sex. Sometimes, a simple gesture or word can tell you a lot about a guy – does he see you as just a fling or is he in it for the long haul?

Here are 5 signs he’s serious about dating you and that he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.

His Friends Know About You

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Has he introduced you to his friends? Do they know you even exist? It’s simple logic – if a guy is planning on keeping you for a long time, he’d probably want you to know the people who are already in his life. His friends are the gatekeepers of his personal life so if he’s already introduced you to them, then girl, your foot is on the threshold.

You’ve Actually Slept Over

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Have you gone a night in his place without having sex? Did your “Netflix and Chill” plan turn out to be just Netflix and actual, literal chilling? To some couples, this might mean trouble but the truth is, it isn’t necessarily something you should worry about. Staying over at his place without having sex only means one thing – he doesn’t want just sex, he wants your company.

He Makes An Effort To See You

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No traffic jam nor bad weather could stop him from bringing over your hair clip that you forgot in his place. He could have given it to you on your next date, but no, it can’t wait. When a guy goes out of his way or makes an excuse just to see you, it’s a sure sign he’s really into you.

He’s Planning To Take You Out-Of-Town

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Planning a weekend getaway to the Hamptons or a nearby town three to four weeks from now? That’s a good sign that he’s factoring you in into his life. When a guy plans things in the future, no matter how immediate that future might be, means he’s thinking of you when he makes decisions. Take this opportunity to get to know him better. They say travelling or brief getaways reveals a person’s true self.

He Was There During A Tough Time

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Have you lost your job or had gone through a really bad anxiety attack? Did he stick around long after that? That’s one way of saying he can handle you at your worst and he’s not leaving just because you’ve had a bad streak. A guy who sticks around is worth a chance.


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