Relationship Advice: 4 Social Media Signs That Mean He’s Really Into You


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Dating today is a whole other level compared to our parents or grandparents’ days, thanks to social media. Today, when couples become “official”, you’d almost always know about it because couples post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

But what if you’re just dating or “talking” to a certain person that you really like and it’s way too early to tell if you’re investing your time and feelings on the right person?

Well, there are some signs you can look for that just might reveal his true feelings for you – and it involves social media.

Here are 6 social media signs that mean he’s really into you (or not).

1.) He Tags You

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Being tagged in a meme or quote on Facebook may mean nothing but one thing is for sure: He thinks about you. Things we see on social media may remind us of different people in our lives but mostly those who are close or important to us. That’s why the next time he tags you, show a little appreciation a.k.a. comment “LOL.” After all, the couple who laughs together, stays together.

2.) He’s Not Afraid To Upload Your Photos

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Did he upload a selfie of you both from when you saw Rogue One together or when you went to a boring local artist’s concert? When guys play around with different girls, they almost always never post their photos on their social media accounts. The psychology behind that is that these boys (note: boys) like to keep their options open for other prospects, thus, posting photos of women is a no-no. So if your “special friend” has posted your face on his profile, dude’s got to be into you.

3.) You Guys Chat And Text

social media signs he is into you - relationship advice

It’s weird – some of the most successful couples today use any and all lines of communication just to talk to one another. That means, chat via social media, text messaging, calls and even the comment box. If you have conversations over these channels, he’s likely keeping his eyes on you, making sure you don’t fall into another guy’s arms (or DM).

4.) You Send Ugly Selfies To Each Other

social media signs he is into you - relationship advice

When you send a cute selfie, it’s most likely to impress another person by your beauty and strong angle game. But when you send ugly selfies to each other, that means you are both comfortable to be your real self with one another. If he hasn’t blocked you when you sent him an up-the-nostrils’ eye view while eating Cheetos in your two-day-old pajamas, chances are: he really, really, really, really likes you.

social media signs he is into you - relationship advice


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