How To Recover From Sunburns Fast


The summer season for some of us might mean frequent romps by the sea, and with that is exposure to some pretty mean rays. Sun rays, that is, which also leads to sunburns.

The sting of sunburn is a major drag, so here are some tips to lessen the sting, calm inflammation, and take away the redness, ASAP:

Lay off the hot water and perfumed body soaps

Instead, take a shower with cool water (because really guys? Hot water on scorched skin? Really?) as hot water can sap off even more moisture from your already parched skin. While you’re at it, lay off the perfumed stuff too, as sunburnt skin is in a more sensitive state (duh) and irritants like perfumes might aggravate the sting.

Use oatmeal-based or soy-based soaps for sensitive skin as this helps to ease the redness and inflammation and makes skin calmer; since oatmeal and soy are also common ingredients for people with eczema or psoriasis.

In Aloe we trust

Aloe vera is an all-around natural remedy for a lot of skin issues: it’s intensely moisturizing, helps to calm inflammation, and has a cooling effect even if you don’t stick it in the fridge before applying.

Lots of skin care and sun protection brands carry aloe vera products, look for “after sun care” on the label.

Keep it frosty

Okay, short of wishing for snow, ice packs applied for a few minutes every day while your sunburn is healing can help cool you down and take the sting out of a bad burn.

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While you can buy one of these doodads to stick on your skin, some ice cubes wrapped in a towel will do just fine.

Now that we have these sunburn healing tips in mind, try keeping prevention your priority next time: slather on SPF like the kinds we recommended here, throw on a chic cover-up like kaftans, ponchos, dresses (the more you see less light seeping through when you hold it up to the light, the better protected you are), or a wide-brimmed hat, after all, none of it looks out of place during your vacation!


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