Reasons Why Your Late 20s Don’t Suck


Except for the seemingly endless amount of things to pay for, your late 20s are not all that bad.


You are learning how to say “No!”

If you’ve mastered this art in your teens, then kudos to you, but for some of us, it took a little time and a lot of mistakes to finally get it right. Whether it’s with toxic friends or family, a relationship, or in your professional life, you come to realize that no one’s going literally explode into pieces if you said No to that night out, to that expensive trip you can’t afford yet, or to people who need to feed their egos.


…But also learning when to say “Yes!”

Confusing? Don’t worry; you’ll know when the time will come. Your late 20s are the time to let go of old insecurities that have inhibited your growth for too long. Go ahead, wear that bikini you always thought looked hella good on you, go to that particular class you’ve wanted to try at the gym but were too shy to do, or explore with other facets of yourself that you were too afraid to open up when you were younger.


You’re more dynamic

Being born a 90’s kid has its benefits! Don’t let those millennial bashing articles tell you otherwise. You had a childhood during simpler times so you know how it is to be without these expensive gadgets, but you also grew up during a period of rapid innovation and culture change so you know how best to utilize it. Talk about having the best of times! Your late 20s will make you realize just how much you’re constantly embracing change but you still have a simpler time to look back on and can always go back to.


Knowing the things to buy that are worth it

When most of us had our first jobs, we probably freaked out at some point with that ‘Yes! My own cash!’ and spent it on frivolous things. Well, we can certainly still do that now with our real adult money, but most people in their late 20s want to see their hard-earned cash go somewhere that’s worth it. Whether you’re dabbling in investments, or putting up your own business, or starting to purchase appliances and furniture that’ll last well until you’re way waaay older, you sure as hell know you weren’t thinking about these things when you were younger.


You realize that old-timey expectations don’t matter

A sense of relief washes over when you finally realize that you don’t have to get married and have kids by 25. You aren’t a bad mom if you don’t want to stay at home full time, and you aren’t a bad dad if you aren’t the primary income-bringer of the household.

You now know that the constant badgering of family or of society as a whole for that matter shouldn’t influence your personal decisions when it comes to family, sex, so-called gender roles, and marriage; because in the end, it’s you who has to live by the decisions you make.

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