This Rainbow Ice Cream Taco Will Sweeten Up Your Summer


This Rainbow Ice Cream Taco will make your unicorn dreams come true.

We’ve heard about Charcoal Ice Cream and we’ve seen the Unicorn Frappuccino. Now, there’s a new sweet treat that will brighten up your summer vacay – Rainbow Ice Cream Taco.

It’s basically rolled ice cream placed inside a taco/ice cream cone of different colors.

The world hasn’t caught on with this awesome treat yet so for now, it’s only available on Tuesdays at Sweet Cup in California – but that doesn’t stop us from ogling at their Instagram account, does it?

Just look at these drool-worthy photos:

Who’s gonna be rolling with us this week? 😉🌈🙌 #sweetcupoc

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Here’s a way to add some color to your diet! 🌮🍦🌈 #sweetcupoc

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#TacoTuesday means extra ROLLED ICE CREAM TACOS 🤗🍦🌮 #sweetcupoc

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