A Random Quote When You’re Tired Of Being Pissed Off


There some days you’re just pissed off with the world. The other day while my sister and I were out driving, we got rudely (and dangerously!) cut off by a bus that did an illegal turn on our lane.

I mouthed off, honked to the high heavens, and flipped the bird as the bus driver (and a few other idiots who took the chance at the bully driver’s stupidity) sped off, unmindful of the danger they put not just me and my sister in, but themselves too.

Thankfully, nothing major happened, but I was left stewing the whole day. Like, nothing could make me feel better: not the amazing meal my aunt prepared for us, not the laughter of my nephew, or the ice cream we had in the afternoon. I snapped at my sisters and parents, but luckily they were nice enough to realize where I was coming from that day and didn’t fight my fire with their own.

I lay in bed scrolling through social media later that day to try to get my mind off of what had happened with the bus and the other idiot drivers, when I came across a quote posted by a news channel’s Twitter.

It’s from Light in The Heart author Roy T. Bennet, and it just struck a chord with me somehow. Those people who cut me off, put our safety at risk, and inconvenienced so many other people, probably went about their day care free even after the fact, while I was still furious, and taking it out on people who didn’t deserve it.


I honestly was shaken; I took the time to reflect back on the occasions that I would be angry for days and days over something somebody said or did, because I was adamant that they had wronged me.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to start excusing people for the wrong things that they do, intentional or not; but I am going to start choosing which ones to get extremely riled up for.

This is just my own interpretation of Bennet’s quote of course, but I am getting exhausted at always having to feel righteous anger over every slight or petty thing, the cause of which I have no control over most of the time.

For my own peace of mind, I’m going to start responding only to the situations that need it the most.


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