‘A Quiet Place’ Is Making All Sorts Of Noise On Twitter


If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably never heard that A Quiet Place, the best thriller film this year has debuted in cinemas this week and has been reaping tons of good reviews.

The film centers around a family living in a dystopian world where sound-sensitive monsters hunt humans. Basically, Emily Blunt and real-life partner, John Krasinski try to raise their family in utter silence to avoid attracting said monsters.

A Quiet Place climaxes in the best way possible, and is probably why the movie has the audience on the edge of their seats and completely disregarding the rubs of popcorn they brought with them.

So how good is the film, really?

Well, people on Twitter are the best source of film feedback:

Bye, we’re gonna tiptoe to the cinemas!


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