This Puppy Was Given As A Birthday Gift, Survives A Fatal Car Crash Soon After


This puppy survived a tragic accident.

You never wake up thinking you’d get into a horrific roadside accident one day, but tragedy struck the Ramos family in Quezon city, Philippines when a cement mixer truck toppled over the family car along a busy highway, taking the life of the patriarch, Ulysses.

puppy car crash philippines

Photo from CNN Philippines

But amid the chaos, the surviving family members, Marife and her three children, have an unlikely little fighter: a 2-month old puppy called Conrad that survived the wreckage.

ABS-CBN ran a story about the little brown and white puppy, who was Ulysses’ gift for the children the morning before the accident happened last Tuesday (Philippine time).

The children were fortunate to come out of the accident with minor scratches, while Marife broke her right arm.

Rescuers said they noticed the puppy climb out of the wreckage and follow one of the survivors, but Conrad was temporarily placed in the care of personnel from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), who were the first to respond at the scene.

They added the puppy was relatively unharmed, but was shivering from the shock of the accident.

Marife said she had the puppy temporarily placed in the BJMP’s care because she had to focus on the children during the time of the rescue, and arrange the necessary paperwork to handle her husband’s wake.

BJMP staffers on Wednesday went to the wake to personally hand over Conrad, and no one was happier than the Ramos family’s 8- year old little boy, who the puppy immediately warmed up to.

Jail officer Jenny Ramirez told ABS-CBN News she did not think twice about bringing Conrad back to his family.

“I know how she (referring to Marife) must have felt; that the puppy is already a part of their family so I have to bring him back to them especially in this difficult time,” she said.

While tragic times may have struck for the Ramos family, Marife believes Conrad will become a constant reminder of Ulysses’ love for his family, and even though he may be gone, his love will continue to live on.


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