Pornhub Videos Now Have Functions For The Blind And Hearing Impaired


Pornhub, the largest online free streaming service for pornography wants you to know that it cares about inclusivity too, and not just in who are featured in their videos.

Pornhub has added the “Described Video” category for visually impaired viewers last summer, and now it’s branching out to the hearing impaired.

In a press statement , the adult video service announced that the “Closed Captioning” category has been made available to cater to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Along with the new category are “over 1,000 top-viewed videos from the site’s straight, popular with women, gay, bi and transsexual categories.”

Nylon reported that the videos in the collection will display subtitles and interpretive text, so as to “help improve the experience for users who are not able to hear the video’s original audio” and even indicate when different people are talking, as well as signal emotional changes in their voice and non-vocal audio.

“Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we continue to service all of our users’ needs and make content accessible to every individual,” said Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president.

“We encourage them to check out our newest category and provide feedback, which is especially important as we seek to continue to offer content with the differently-abled user in mind.”

The “Described Video” and “Closed Captioning” initiatives were created through Pornhub’s humanitarian leg, Pornhub Cares, which also manages other projects like the “Pornhub Cares Scholarship,” which gifts $25,000 in scholarship money to a university student, added the Nylon report.

Sounds unlikely for an adult entertainment website, but hey, who are we to judge who wishes to engage in philanthropy, although offbeat?

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