Playboy Model Dies After Chiropractor Visit – What You Should Know


playboy model dies after chiropractor

A Playboy model dies after a chiropractor visit turns disastrous.

Katie May recently died of a “catastrophic” stroke after getting injured by her chiropractor. The model reportedly went to see a chiropractor for a treatment. Little did she know that this would lead to a stroke and her untimely death.

The 34-year-old model, who has a massive following on Snapchat, was taken off life support in February.

Now, the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed in a statement that the stroke that killed the model was caused by “an injury sustained during a ‘neck manipulation by chiropractor’.”

May reportedly visited a chiropractor for “an adjustment in her neck”. It was found that the model had a block in her carotid artery, which may have been caused by a fall she suffered during a photoshoot.

Playboy Model Dies After Chiropractor Visit

The visit to the chiropractor only made matters worse for the model because the adjustment caused a tear in her left vertebral artery, blocking the blood flow to her brain.

“She had some clotting and went to the hospital where they tried to do some procedures but she passed away,” Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter tells People. “I personally have not seen this before.”

Before having a stroke, the model even Tweeted about the injury in January.

“Pinched a nerve in my neck on a Photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts! Any home remedy suggestions loves? XOXO,” May wrote on Twitter.


playboy model dies after chiropractor

Despite the tragedy, May’s family does not intend to file charges, according to reports. However, they have started a crowdfunding page to pay for the education of May’s 7-year-old daughter, Mia.

“Katie lived for her daughter, who was not only the most important and most fulfilling part of her life, but also her best friend,” the page for Mia reads. “Katie’s daughter is a remarkable 7-year-old, and in many ways, she is like her mother: strong, smart, funny, with a sweet and kind soul willing to do anything to help a family member or friend in need.”


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