People React To Hollywood Sign Vandalized To Read ‘Hollyweed’ And It’s Hilarious


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2017 is off to a great start as geniuses vandalized the iconic Hollywood sign and changed it to “Hollyweed” instead. Now, people online are in high spirits (get it) for the first day of the New Year.

On New Year’s Day, Angelenos woke up to the 94-year-old sign altered to read as “Hollyweed” by an unknown vandal, according to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Security Services division.

According to the L.A. Times, a “lone individual” was recorded via CCTV, climbing up Mount Lee and the ladders going up the sign. The individual then hung black and white tarpaulins over the letters O and E to change its spelling.

The sign was not destroyed, according to reports and the incident is being investigated as a case of misdemeanor and trespassing.

Some L.A. residents believe it’s a nod to California’s recent vote to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

“I guess we’re finally celebrating the legalization of marijuana!” wrote Twitter user, Denise Vasquez.

This is the second time the famous Hollywood sign was altered to spell “Hollyweed.” The first time was around the 70’s.

As soon as the news broke out, people on social media have been talking about the hilarious alteration.

“#hollyweed sign gives me hope,” says Phoebe Ryan on Twitter.

“Whoever is responsible for  #hollyweed should get hired by the NSA for 1) somehow getting around 3836 security cams and 2) being clever AF,” Twitter user Michelle Khare wrote.

Others took the prank even further by Photoshopping the Hollywood sign to say: “Send Nudes.”

Another predicted 2017 was going to be an “iconic year.”

“It’s only been 2017 for 11 hours and it’s already the most iconic year anyone has ever lived through,” nataleigh said.

“2017 will be full of laughs. The humor Gods are already at work from day one,” said Arsenio Hall.

“Woooooow LA is dumb and I love it. #hollyweed,” another Twitter user said.

2016 may have been a shitty year but this New Year prank is definitely sending good vibes to the universe. Keep them coming, guys!


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