People Are Painting Their Babies’ Butts To Look Like Pumpkins And It’s So Cute


People are painting their babies’ butts to look like pumpkins and this is the only thing we need to save humanity right now.

To get into the fall spirit in the age of Instagram, some parents are painting pumpkins on baby butts and admittedly, it’s freakin’ adorable.

Because I’m that Mom 🤷‍♀️😂🎃 #pumpkinbutt #kidsofig #cutestkidsofinstagram

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I mean, hellooo look at that squishyness:

Two staying still in one shot?! Sorcery.

LEVI & C🎃🎃P. Because two butts are better than one! #Besties #PumpkinButts

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Remember to use non-toxic, baby-safe body paint and brushes!

While it’s gonna be one messy challenge to get your kid to stay still long enough for you to paint it on them and then take a photo (or stage a whole photoshoot! see below), it’s still a fun way to get the youngins and our adult selves in the fun spirit of the season.

Halloween is so much better with kids!!! #tripletsofinstagram #triplets #myfirsthalloween #pumpkinbutts

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Plus points if said photoshoot is in an actual pumpkin patch or while out apple picking!

What do you think about these adorable babies’ butts? Leave us a comment below.


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