No Penis Jokes Here, Just 5 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Men’s ‘Package’


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We are all adults here so let us ask you this question once and for all: How much do you actually know about penises? There are many myths about men’s package that up until now, confuses most people.

Before your innuendos kick in and we start throwing jokes about popsicles and eggplants, let us all start by stating the obvious: The penis is a natural part of a body that does what it needs to do – reproduce and create pleasure. Just like women’s vagina, it is beautiful, reason why we should find out as much as we can about it.

Here are 8 facts and myths about the penis that could blow your minds (um, pun unintended?).

1. Big Feet Means A Big Package?

We’ve all heard this myth before. Perhaps perpetuated by Julia Roberts’ character in Notting Hill when she said “You know what they say about men with big feet…” In the movie, she was clearly talking about Hugh Grant’s penis.

However, a man’s feet definitely does not co-relate to the size of his penis as there is no scientific data supporting this Hollywood-manufactured fairy tale.

penis jokes

On the other hand, a study published in the Journal of Sex Research suggests that men with short penises have bigger erections than those with a longer, un-erect penis.

2. Men Care About Size, (Most) Women Don’t

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An internet survey suggests that out of 50,000 men, 45% are not satisfied with their penis size and wished they had a larger penis. This is probably why tons of fishy websites crop up, offering products that claim to “enhance” men’s penis size. Despite this, 85% of women say that they are satisfied with their partner’s package size. Still worried?

Here’s a comforting thought: Women’s vagina can adjust to any penis size or length.

3. The Average Penis Size

Here’s a myth that needs to be debunked: The average penis size is 8 inches.

According to studies mentioned by The Key Institute, the average erect penis is about 5 to 6 inches long while flaccid penises can be 1 to 4 inches long. The myth that most men have penises that are 8 inches long just creates an unrealistic expectation to both genders.

4. The Average Time To Reach Orgasm

Perhaps you’ve watched too much porn but the truth is, the normal, average time it takes to reach orgasm is 3 to 7 minutes.

How in the world do pornstars last for 1 hour, you ask? Simple: Video editing. The truth is, there is a grossly tiny percentage of men that can last an hour without going off. In fact, according to Joannides, scientists suggest that if it takes more than 30 minutes for a man to reach his highest peak, he might be experiencing delayed ejaculation.

5. Call It Serendipity

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“Love and Other Drugs” movie (2010)

Call it serendipity but Viagra wasn’t supposed to be drug for erectile dysfunction. Originally called UK92480, it was supposed to be a treatment for Angina. However, in 1989, Pfizer conducted a clinical trial using UK92480 to relax blood vessels and was shocked by its side effects – erections. That’s when Viagra was born and approved by the FDA by 1998.


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