Organic Skincare is The Bomb And Here’s Why


As more and more people are turning to natural and organic products in place of chemically-laden, God-knows-what’s-in-this lotions and potions, the outpour of brands and whatnot can drown you just with the sheer array to choose from.

Lucky for us, Into The Gloss talked with San Francisco-based organic facialist Athena Hewett, who is also the founder of Monastery (a dream for streamline- aesthetic loving skincare enthusiasts), and her mission is to make your routine a lot simpler so your skin can be at its healthiest, soonest.

You can’t overwash your face

As long as you’re using oil, though. “With cleansing oil, you actually cannot over wash your skin because you aren’t changing the pH or stripping the skin of its healthy acid mantle,” Athena says.

But what about this summer time, where the heat is making us want to wash and scrub away at our faces every time we see a sink?

Athena says to do it twice in one setting: once to take off makeup and surface grime (like with oils, balms, or miscellar water!), and another to cleanse the skin and get all that muck from getting too deep in your pores.

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But you don’t have to wash it in the morning

While it’s a personal choice, gals who are prone to redness that morning cleansing routines might bring can breathe a sigh of relief.

“In our opinion the face doesn’t get dirty enough while we are sleeping. We don’t wear makeup or SPF while we sleep so there is no need to,” Athena says.


You probably have dry skin

You can’t always feel it, but there’s a dry spot on your face right now.

“90% of people have dry skin,” Athena explains.

“Dry skin only means that the oil is not easily passable between your pores and the surface of your skin,” she adds. “For this reason, dry skin typically gets congested and irritated, too. So it’s important to keep the surface of the pores as clean as we can, to allow the oil to flow freely and balance the skin.”

Therefore, double cleanse and add your preferred method of exfoliation on a regular basis.


Red raspberry seed oil is the new celebrity ingredient

Packed with linolenic, oleic acid, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, while having the highest level of antioxidants and even sun protection factor (although Athena doesn’t necessarily want to claim it as a protectant) than any other oil, this Rose family seed is making waves in the skin care game.

“This oil is very hard to extract as you can imagine because the seeds are so tiny but a new extraction process has made this super food more accessible recently,” said Athena.


For the love of God, go on a product cleanse


“This may sound crazy but my product cleanse is so extreme that it also includes water,” Athena says.


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