Olivia Newton-John Diagnosed With Cancer Again


Olivia Newton-John is diagnosed with cancer for the third time.

Keep your favorite Grease star in your thoughts ladies, as she’s taking cancer by the horns again, her third diagnosis in nearly thirty years.

Newton-John, who turns 70 in September, appeared on Australian TV and revealed doctors found a tumor at the base of her spine last year.

She said that for this diagnosis, she’s opting to treat it with natural remedies like cannabis oil (for the pain) alongside modern medicine, as well as completely cutting sugar off from her diet.

“My husband’s … always there to support me, and I believe I will win over it and that’s my goal,” said Newton-John.

She added that living in California has also been very beneficial, as medical marijuana has aided greatly for her pain management.

“In California it’s legal to grow a certain amount of plants for your own medicinal purposes. So [my husband]makes me tinctures. It’s hard to say — they help with pain,” she said.

But if pressed, she would still want to have her treatment at her homeland of Australia, but since their laws still criminalize marijuana, she said it’s so far just a ‘dream’ for cancer patients and their treatment there.

Her first brush with cancer came in 1992 after doctors found a lump on her right breast in what she described as a ‘shock’ of a diagnosis as she was diagnosed in the same week her father died of the same disease.

She underwent a partial mastectomy and six months of treatment.

Then in 2013, she was diagnosed with cancer in her shoulder after being involved in a minor car accident. Tragically, it also came just months after her sister, Rona, died from brain cancer.

Newton-John says that now, she’s been trying to keep positive because she knows there are people of all ages with the same sickness who have got it worse than her.

“I live in this beautiful place. I have a wonderful husband. I have all the animals that I adore. I have an incredible career. I have nothing, really, to complain about,” she said.

But she adds there are ‘moments of big fear,’ but brushes it off as just being human.

“There are moments. I’m human. So if I allow myself to go there, I could easily create that, you know, big fear,” she said.


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