We’re Kinda Obsessed About This Olive Garden Makeup Palette


You can eat your Olive Garden, and now wear it, too!

Your friendly neighborhood all Italian food inspired joint has got some surprises up its parmesan dusted sleeves and it’s not quite what you expect: a whole makeup palette!

Teasing their’ product’ via Twitter, Olive Garden put up a pic of one of the girliest palettes we’ve ever seen, with some of the cheesiest, on-brand names for the shades: Alfredo Awesome, Royal Ravioli, and Spaghetti

Sparkle eyeshadows, plus Breadstick Bronzer and Marinara Rouge.

Honestly, just what we need to see while getting ready in the morning. You know, for motivation.

The Twitter thread even hilariously picked up suggestions from users like garlic-bread scented makeup, breadstick shaped brushes, shades with names like Spaghetti Sparkle and Lasagna Lush, and even a lipstick they were planning to call Marinara Red, lol.

But it looks like these fun (and honestly borderline weird) makeup suggestions are not getting cooked up any time soon, because the Olive Garden account followed it up with ‘We wish!’ in a Twitter response to where and when it could be immediately purchased.

Oh well! Looks like our dreams of a palette that just know it’s cheesily named as heck might have to wait a while, just like Olive Garden’s waiters when we’re not giving up on the grated parmesan juuuuuust yet.

The food chain however, did tease something that might be more up their alley: a subscription box for breadsticks! Honestly, people will ship anything and everything these days.

Dubbed the Breadscription Box, there’s no release date for it either because the people behind the hilarious account are taking in all the suggestions they can on how to ship freshly baked breadsticks to our doorsteps and into our waiting, grubby mitts.

And look, while we’re on the subject of Olive Garden, have you heard about the beautiful monstrosity that is their Meatball Pizza Bowl?

Oh yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Essentially a deep-dish pizza who can power lift 500lbs and then do a hundred squats, the gooey concoction of asiago, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese all sit comfortably in a house of seasoned pizza dough shaped into a bowl, then topped with meat sauce and giant spicy Italian meatballs.

Lordt that was a mouthful! And probably exactly what you want on a blah day.

It’s an item on the Lunch Duos menu, meaning it comes with FREE breadsticks and salad, so you can more or less add to the euphoria or scarfing down a bowl of meat sauce and cheese.
Some pro advice: eat it with a fork if you’re fancy like that, or make like us on the regular and just rip it apart with your hands. It’s thick and deep so you won’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth, but your pride and lipstick might be on the line.

We’re well aware this took a weird turn from food inspired makeup to actual food, but hey, makeup and beauty girls gotta eat, you know?

But Cosmopolitan found out pizza bowl is only available during the week and before 3pm, so maybe after logging in at the office in the morning you might want to take a quick downstairs sprint to your nearest Olive Garden and secure a spot for lunch time for this hulk of a dish!


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