Okay, So You’re An Introvert


A lot of people point to being an introvert as being anti-social and just plain rude.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, and I am not saying that one type of person is better than the other but I have to be honest: you think you’re an introvert, so what?


I mean, I get the part about losing energy when you’re in a crowd of people for too long. Who doesn’t get exhausted having to be 100% all the time? But what I don’t appreciate is the better-than-thou tone that I often get from people claiming their being introverts.

“’Ugh, I would rather be with my tea and a book.’”

“’I want to be alone!! But don’t make me feel lonely!!!’”

How exhausting do you think it is having to keep up with your mood all the time? Did you want an award for being that quirky little snowflake you think you are in your head?

I’m not saying I’m extroverted, but I value peoples’ time and honor agreements to meet up even if I don’t feel like it. I have been on the receiving end of getting ditched or flaked out on at the last moment all because somebody suddenly didn’t feel like meeting up like we agreed.

Honestly, I’m furious!

Some of you might come at me that these particular experiences of mine either from family, friends or acquaintances could be rooted in them having anxiety issues, or are just exhausted and I’m being inconsiderate, but introverts, at the last minute, really?! This is what I mean when I say that you could at least show some courtesy and respect for the time and effort I put on my end in making a meetup work. Please, don’t just pray that something miraculously comes up so you won’t have to personally call to cancel with me just because you can’t handle confrontation waah waah waaah.

Please, grow up!



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