It’s Okay To Have Small Dreams


I recently came across one of those motivational post-it thingies in the mail the other day, and in artsy lettering said “If your dreams don’t give you the kind of thrill where you’re scared and excited at the same time, then dream bigger.”

I mean, that’s good and all and open to various interpretations, but it got me thinking, what’s so wrong with having smaller dreams and ambitions?

I’m not out to skydive or scale Mt. Everest anytime soon, and while those are certainly exciting and terrifying at the same time, you know what’s also terrifying and exciting? Being able to own real estate in this age and economy of ‘ha good luck if you aren’t inheriting any property soon’.

Signing your kid up to a good (expensive) private school with no assurance they won’t turn out to be assholes and intentionally flunk. Taking a test for that lump or mole you found and hoping for the best. Starting a new fitness and diet routine after years of treating yourself like garbage. Being able to go home on the regular to see your family. Hoping that the said family won’t have another one of its burn-outs at the next Thanksgiving dinner.

Really, anything that you want to go right in your life is a valid dream, no matter how small that may be.

People are always too eager to make gargantuan dream bucket lists (and don’t even pretend that some of it is not going on your social media feed just for the pure intention of getting to inspirationally humble-brag), and I’m not saying you should put that on hold either, I just think that you shouldn’t let the big things invalidate the effort you’re putting into making the smaller things in your life matter.

So go ahead: if your dream right now is to be able to afford rent every month, or not skip out on a workout you swore you’d power through, or be able to afford a nice meal everyday for you and your family, then go ahead and work towards those dreams, they’re exciting too.




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