Here’s What Your OB-GYN Is Itching To Tell You


At some point, we’ve been spread eagled on our ob-gyn’s chair for a checkup, and you just can’t shake the feeling of embarrassment because your lady bits aren’t groomed, might smell, or look weird.

Well good news is, our ob-gyn’s don’t really care about details like that, unless it is causing you significant pain where there isn’t supposed to be any.

Here are some things you should stop worrying about when going to your OB-GYN.

Your Grooming Doesn’t Really Matter

You don’t have to shave your legs or wax your vulva during an examination as doctors don’t really pay attention to those concerns.

But if the thought of not being silky-smooth down under gives you no peace, then just go ahead and do it anyway.

Don’t Worry About Your Vagina Smelling

Just imagine how many vajay-jays your doctor sees in a day. A smelly one won’t bother them as much as other life-threatening things they’ve already seen in their years of profession. So chill.

Pooping When You Give Birth

You’re about to pop out a living being! A little bowel movement on the table isn’t something that is going to faze doctors.

“Pushing out babies is a tough job. It puts a lot of pressure on your intestines, urinary tract and other excretory functions. A lot of women poop when they give birth. It’s normal,” says Annalise T. Roscher MD, associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at MLNU. “Doctors deal with it almost everyday, so there’s no reason to worry about. We’ve got it.”

Your Period Doesn’t Matter, Don’t Skip An Appointment!

Whether you lost count on your schedule or just straight up forgot, a little menstrual blood is not something to be shy about to your doctor during your check-up.

Besides, they’re super used to it already; what with births, especially C-sections, getting particularly bloody.

Please Tell Us About Your Itching

Don’t play off that itch you’ve been feeling downstairs, especially if along with it comes a burning sensation or it’s been itching for quite a while already.

While it isn’t likely to be a yeast infection, as it could just be contact irritation or a vulvar skin tissue, telling your doctor about it during an exam really helps as it can be treated earlier.

Remember, frequent itching in the nether regions is not part of a normal life for women!

There’s A Birth Control That We Prefer

And most doctors are champions of IUDs. Why?

They’re safe, long-acting, and require little to no upkeep, a major win for you and your doctor.

Ob-gyns are also more likely to recommend levenoregesterol IUD (aka Mirena) as it helps to decrease bleeding and cramping, and even help in preventing uterine cancer.

Please Be Honest About Your Sexual Activity

From the number of partners you’ve had, your preferred sexual activity (oral, vaginal, anal), and even down to your gender preference, your ob-gyne needs to know it all.

“We are not here to judge, we only want to help you by screening for appropriate sexually transmitted diseases and counsel you about safe sex,” said Dr. Roscher.


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