Nothing Can Make You ‘Ugly’ — Unless You Let It


We’re bombarded daily with slogans and campaigns embracing the next new standard of beauty, to reject what is regarded as “ugly” and for many, we don’t always get to live up to the ideal.

Many of us are acne-ridden, have cellulite, large bellies, and many other features that aren’t celebrated on the daily in television and every other type of media we consume.

While representation is important, you don’t need to see someone exactly like you on television for you to consider yourself beautiful.

It sounds preachy, yes, but you don’t need anyone’s approval that your features have to first be celebrated by everyone before you are able to do so.

It’s true; it really does start with you.

So what if you are battling a bout of acne now? So what if your stretch marks are more pronounced? No one has the right to make you feel ugly or unworthy because of it.

Your features are what make you the special way that you are, and couple it with your talents, your passions, the way you move and relate with people; these all combine to make a powerhouse of a person that only you can be.

To quote former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” and it rings true not just in our appearances, but in our endeavors, and it all begins with you.

Whether you let their projections of their own insecurities eat at you and dictate the way you are supposed to look, even if it is against your happiness and well-being; whether you let your failures and what people have to say about it define you, instead of how you picked yourself up and persevered; and whether you will allow certain lifestyles and ideologies to cloud your better judgment and how you relate with all types of people you will meet in your lifetime, it all starts with you.


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