How The New Calvin Klein Ad Made Me Feel Better About My Body


This is about the new Calvin Klein ad.

Everyday we are bombarded with imagery seemingly screaming at us to strictly look only one way to be considered ‘beautiful’ or desirable, and we know that just isn’t possible since every human being is different.

But once in a while a piece of advertising comes along that somehow speaks to you; more than just the clothes, it’s about the feeling of acceptance when you get to see someone who looks different, more relatable, more like you, and it gets you thinking that ‘Hey! Maybe the way I am is beautiful, too.’

PopSugar writer Lauren Levinson realized this upon seeing the new Calvin Klein ad campaign featuring the Kardashian- Jenner sisters: all different body types, all with their own special features, all beautiful.

She wrote that one day, she woke already ready to hate the way she looked after making it through a New York winter.

“While the extra layers around my tummy might be keeping me cozy, it’s not doing much for me fitting into the majority of my skinny jeans without muffin-topping over. Or feeling particularly great about myself. (I also need to lay off the Halo Top, because that delicious sh*t still has sugar in it.)” she writes.

But seeing the clothing ad cross her computer screen, with the sisters all glowy and non-chalant, brought out something in her.

“We all know the Kardashians are full-figured women, but seeing their healthy-looking bodies — curvy chests, hips, and thighs — well, it made me feel OK about what’s going on with my own body.”

But Levinson is careful to not categorize the ad as belonging to the plus size category, or as the new flag barriers of body positivity. (The sisters weren’t pushing the ads as such.)

“But today, as I work from home in leggings that are pinching the sides of my waist, it’s nice to look at photos of famous, beautiful, half-naked women who also have curves,” she says.

Levinson thinks though that featuring the Kardashian-Jenners is a step forward for Calvin Klein campaigns, who have famously utilized the likes of  Kate Moss and Christy Turlington back in the 90s, who have (also amazing) rail thin abs and small booties.

“[That type of] model casting and those body types fit the era then, but today, people want to see curve models. They don’t all want to see traditionally slim models. Anything goes! This is the new normal. Even the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has embraced featuring women of all shapes and sizes. And I am so here for it.”

While she isn’t touting the images as groundbreaking, and considering that the sisters might have had a little work done here and there (CoolSculpting, liposuction, breast implants, butt implants — who knows? All speculation) on their bodies, but at least the sister crew don’t look emaciated.

“But at least — in these images — the crew looks like they might eat cheeseburgers (and a side of fries!) sometimes. So join me as I admire Kourtney’s curvy waist, Khloé’s booty, and Kim’s pear-shaped, goddess-like figure today.”

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