‘Netflix And Chill’ Can Be Healthy For Your Relationship, Study Says


netflix and chill

“Netflix and Chill” just might take a whole new meaning after a study suggested that couples who binge watch TV shows together, have a better chance of staying together.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships say that couples who share similar interests in the same TV shows, movies and books have a stronger bond than those who don’t.

Researchers questioned 250 students in relationships about their romantic bond and habits and analyzed the data their gathered, Time reported. Their findings found that the old “Netflix and Chill” habit, even without the “chill” part, could boost the bond and sense of intimacy between couples.

In fact, researchers wanted to make sure the stronger bond between couples wasn’t just because they were cuddling together that they controlled for an amount of time the couples were logged together.

“We found that sharing media had an independent effect,” lead author Sarah Gomillion, PhD explained.

“Having a shared circle of friends can make couples feel closer and can even protect them from breaking up,” she added.

However, if a couple does not have common friends together, a connection to fictional characters could just be as good.

“Having a shared connection to the characters in a TV series or film might make couples feel like they share a social identity even if they lack mutual friends in the real world,” Gomillion said.

This doesn’t mean that you and your significant other should completely give up other activities, though. However, some hours spent curled up and cuddling while watching Game of Thrones, FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, How To Get Away With Murder or any other quality TV shows together could have positive emotional effects on your relationship.

“People often say that activities like watching Netflix isolate us, but our research suggests that it can actually have important social benefits,” Gomillion said.


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