Morning Weight Loss Rituals From America’s Leading Life Coach Jillian Michaels


Every expert has his or her own piece of morning weight loss secret.

The New Year inevitably rings in all those resolutions to eat cleaner, exercise more, and develop all those amazing habits you only read about from all those Instagram fitness videos you never seemed to play throughout the past year.

But with all the advice pouring out on the easiest, quickest, and fastest tips, information overload can set in and you might follow through with it at all.

Luckily, YahooLifestyle spoke with Jillian Michaels, America’s foremost life coach, renowned fitness expert, and creator of the app My Fitness by Jillian Michaels, to drown out the noise and create the best habits for weight loss the moment you start your day.

Maybe these tips on changes in your morning routine will be the push you need for better health and weight loss:

Don’t skip breakfast

We’ve heard this one time and again, but many people skip their morning meal.

“Opting out of important nutrients early in the day may cause you to overeat at lunch and make poor food choices throughout the day,” says Michaels. She adds that you should make sure your breakfast is a good balance of protein, healthy carbs, and healthy fats.

Have a cup of organic coffee

“Clean caffeine, when consumed in moderation (no more than two cups a day or 400 mg) can actually help improve cognitive function, inhibit type 2 diabetes, potentially lower your risk of pancreatic cancer, and improve athletic performance,” explains Michaels.

We know you hate to hear it, but skipping the fancy sugars and creams can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Take your vitamins

Your metabolism is dictated heavily by your hormone balance, Michaels says.

Your body needs the proper micronutrients to facilitate the production of key fat-burning hormones like T3 and T4 (active and inactive thyroid hormone), HGH or human growth hormone, leptin (the satiety hormone), among others; and the key supplements she recommends are a probiotic, quality multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acid (krill or fish), and collagen (which you can add to the coffee mentioned above).


“Pound a glass of water (preferably alkaline) first thing in the morning. It helps wake you up and boosts your energy,” says Michaels. “Plus, it gets your hydration underway, and proper hydration can help boost fat metabolism by up to 3 percent.”

Sounds like a good enough number for those just starting out.

Adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids for women.

Find time for fitness

Pack a gym bag gear always at the ready, or maybe squeeze in a morning workout in the morning before the family wakes up, Michaels recommends.

“If possible, hit the gym, but if you are a mommy, that’s probably not likely, so download that app and get moving.” Working out before you go about your day just might help you stick to a regular exercise routine, which can lead to greater weight loss.

Plan ahead to combat hunger

“Pack a healthy snack so you have clean nutritious options for the meal between lunch and dinner,” suggests Michaels. “This will keep you from snacking on crap at your job like those doughnuts in the office kitchen.” 

Find your source of motivation

“Consume a form of media that motivates, energizes, and focuses you,” she says. It could be one of your favorite motivational podcasts, or a meditation exercise.

There are thousands of podcasts and apps that are designed to give you a shot of inspiration and get you on your way to permanent weight loss.


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