Moon Mousse Is All You Need If You’re A Clumsy Makeup Destroyer


Moon Mousse is here for us, klutz.

Okay, so we’ve just covered some ways to make use of makeup that’s juuuuust about gone but not quite, but how do you rescue makeup that isn’t quite ready to meet its maker (the trash bin) just yet?

Say you’ve managed to knock over your powder blush off the counter for the nth time,  and hate the way alcohol does manage to melt it all back together, but for some reason or another , it dries out the formula or the color isn’t as vibrant as it used to be.

Enter Moon Mousse.

The creators claim they went to the moon and back and came up with “an all-natural formula that repairs and restores broken makeup” because of our clumsy asses.

We did it for you! 💕

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The product is apparently made from plant-based ingredients formulated to be gentle on skin, because after it pieces back the hell out of our broken makeup, you’d still want it to not give you any zits.

It works on multiple products like eyeshadows, powder foundations, bronzers, blushes, cream shadows, highlighters and what have you. Take a gander of the product in action:

Moon Mousse

If this mousse can piece my makeup back together, can it help me get my shit together as well? Get it here:

Posted by Top Knot on Sunday, November 12, 2017

But why a mousse formula though?

“When dispensed, Moon Mousse™ has an airy, light consistency that allows our product to work its way into the broken product and ensure even distribution throughout the pan for optimal results,” the company explained on their website.

Hmm, better than dealing with runny liquids or icky oils, for sure!


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