Moms Share Their ‘New Baby Smell’ Addiction


Ever heard about the “new baby smell” addiction?

Anybody who has ever held a baby know what we’re talking about: their tiny head gets anywhere near your olfactory senses and boom, the first whiff of that…pure (we can’t define it either!) smell will have you wanting to smell their breath next.

Cosmopolitan talked to six mommas, because of course, who else can try to pinpoint that smell better than a mom?

Lauren, 29, says she believes the new baby smell is  a ‘survivalist instinct”:

“The smell calmed me, probably akin to how nursing produces certain calming hormones. It’s neat how women’s bodies are programmed to bond with the baby in such ways. There’s such an inexplicable connection between baby and mom, physical and psychological.”

Ashley, 39, meanwhile, said that during her baby’s early days, she would even put a blanket over people whenever they held her baby boy so that it wouldn’t ‘taint’ his smell.

“When people give him back, I am like an instant detective and smell him to make sure he still has his baby smell to him. When he is napping during the day on my chest, I find myself taking in a whiff and it relaxes me. My favorite is right after the bath…the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, along with my cuddly baby, instantly brings a sense of peace and happiness to me.”

Jessica, 29, muses that the new baby smells probably lasts only as long as it does to “remind you just how special and temporary the newborn phase is.”

“I was really into ‘babycarrying’ when my kids were still small. I had a backpack I could wear on my front while they napped. Feeling their soft head against my cheek or chest, paired with the sweet ‘newborn smell’ was one of the greatest sensations. It reminded me just how new and pure they are. It brought peace to my heart.”

Sherry, a 38-year old mom of two, says the special scent is like that of “milk mixed with their natural body scent plus their baby wash.”

“And another time at the grocery store, I leaned in to smell her sweet head in the fruit section and hadn’t realized I had done it — it was just so instinctive. I heard a fellow mom nearby softly giggle and give that knowing smile and of course I had to laugh, too. There was no need to explain…she understood exactly what I was doing! She smelled sweeter than any of those apples, strawberries, or bananas nearby,” she said.

Demia, 31, is “absolutely attached” to the smell.

” The other day I was working hard to get a report over to one of my clients and I was starting to get a bit stressed and I literally stopped what I was doing, placed my nose on my baby’s head, breathed in his amazing scent, and was instantly put at ease. He smells so good and I’m just so in love!”

Meanwhile, Janel, a 29-year old first time mom said she couldn’t really pick up on her little boy’s smell.

” My husband, and other family and friends have commented on how good he smells but the majority of the good smells I pick up on are his shampoo or body lotion. But, I don’t believe for one second that I’m missing out on what others can smell that I can’t. As a new mom, there are so many other new and blissful things that only I get to enjoy.”

Smell or not, we here all love a good cuddle with a baby!


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