Kris Jenner Hacks Into Kylie Cosmetics Like A Momager That She Is


In a hilarious and somewhat genius marketing move, Momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner ‘hacked’ the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page to promote her makeup collection with the company belonging to, you guessed it, youngest daughter Kylie Jenner.

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And here’s another teaser on the temporarily defunct Kylie Cosmetics (now Kris Cosmetics) Twitter page:

Buzzfeed obtained shots from the makeup company’s Instagram story, and we can see Kris doing what Kris does best: werk.

We spot a Momager palette in there, and chic black and white packaging. You can still view the stories on the former (“Only for a little!”) Kylie Cosmetics Instagram under the KRIS JENNER name on the Highlights section.

Already, people are looooving it:

What’s even more ingenious though, is that Kris took her sweet time in letting us know that the palettes are all her: the names are from her memorable (not to mention GIF’d as hell) lines.

The collection drops on Mother’s Day.


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