Model Iskra Lawrence Is Not To Get Mislabeled


For model Iskra Lawrence, the term plus-size isn’t one that she wants companies and the paparazzi to attach to her, because for one, she says, it’s separatist.

Lawrence was in Mexico living it up, and totally killing her bikini game during her vacation, when The Independent decided to put out an article of her swimwear outfits, labeling Lawrence as “plus size model” who is “becoming a bastion of body confidence.”    

While describing her as a body confidence powerhouse is accurate, she wanted to correct the first part, and reposted the article with a more proper caption.

Notice what she removed?

Lawrence in an interview with Women’s Health UK last summer said she had a problem with attaching the term “plus size” to her modeling career:

“Despite being 5-foot-9 with a size 10 waist [size 6 U.S.]and a size 14 bottom [size 10 U.S.], I’m a ‘plus-size’ model…I think the term is so backwards; it has negative connotations but applies to 60 percent of women,” she said.

She has a point, the majority of women in the United States are a Size 16.

Lawrence furthered her point by adding that if companies were to label her as such, then other industries should start using ‘plus-size artist’ or ‘plus-size singer,’ right?

“I believe no one desires to be labelled. How can you define someone by their size, color, gender, religion or sexuality? We are so much more than that,” she said in an interview. “Plus-size has a negative connotation because currently women above a certain size can’t shop in the same stores or wear the same designers. They have been excluded from fashion by an elitist industry, and it’s time to drop the labels and treat everyone equally,” she said in an interview with Birdie last November.


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