Meryl Streep To Deliver Eulogy For Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds


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Award-winning actress, Meryl Streep is said to attend Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ funeral to deliver a eulogy for both.

Streep is a close friend to Fisher and Reynolds, who both died in the same week in December, reason why the Devil Wears Prada actress has been asked to give the keynote eulogy for a public segment of the late actresses’ joint memorial services and burial on Thursday, Jan. 5.

According to TMZ, there will be a private memorial service for the mother-and-daughter tandem’s closest family, as well as a public one, for their fans and fellow celebrities.

“We’re told as of late Tuesday, Meryl Streep was not a firm lock but they fully expect her to be the principal speaker,” TMZ reported.

Streep and Fisher has had quite a number of artistic projects before, including the film Postcards From The Edge, written by Fisher herself. In the film, Streep played the main role of Suzanne Vale (or Carrie Fisher), an actress with substance addiction who moves back in her mother’s house due to unemployment.

Streep also presented Reynolds with the Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2015.

Other actors were also invited to speak during the joint public memorial service such as Fisher’s Star Wars co-actor, Mark Hamill. George Lucas will also attend the funeral.

Meanwhile, Fisher’s daughter and Reynolds’ granddaughter, Bille Lourd, thanked fans for their support during this time in her life.

“Receiving all of your prayers and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist,” the Scream Queens actress wrote on Instagram. “There are no words to express how much I will miss my Abadaba and my one and only Momby. Your love and support means the world to me.”

60-year-old Fisher died on Dec. 27 after suffering a heart attack on board a plane from London to Los Angeles. Perhaps due to grief, Fisher’s mother, Reynolds suffered a “severe stroke” on Dec. 28 and died a few hours later.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will reportedly be buried side by side at Forest Lawn in Burbank.


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