When Men Talk About Rape vs. When Women Talk About Rape


Over the last month since the brave exposé of several women and the New York Times against the disgraced Harvey Weinstein, several actors have also come out to report their own rape and sexual assault experiences, most notably this time against Kevin Spacey.

Allegations against Spacey by Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp and at least eight more men who have come forward with their own Spacey horror story range from harassment to attempted rape, with even the crew of his hit Netflix show House of Cards coming forward with their own uncomfortable experiences with the actor.

Now, Spacey has been dropped by his publicist, and work on House of Cards has been suspended following the allegations.

If only it had been that easy for people to pull a stop on Weinstein.

Sexual assault and rape are horrible experiences that no one should ever have to go through, especially when you consider factors like the experience, age, strength, or influence of your attacker, but it seems that women still get the shorter end of the stick when they choose to go up against their attackers.

As we’ve previously noted, in the time that allegations against Spacey came out, his publicist was quick to drop him, and the production on House of Cards is suspended until further notice, even though it was a hit show with Spacey, 46, at the helm.

If you haven’t been following the conversation yet, what we’re trying to point out to you is that when men come forward with claims of harassment or sexual abuse by other men, they are more likely to be believed than women.

To make it all the more apparent, allegations against Weinstein, a big movie producer in Hollywood, has spanned decades and involved multitudes of women all with similar tales to tell: how they were lured by Weinstein to a purported meaning only to be subjected to forced sexual acts.

Some of them got out lucky, some of them not as fortunate.

Since the expose came out against him this year, Weinstein has been dropped from the board of his own company, and had gone into rehab to ‘fix’ his ‘condition’.

Only this year. 2017.

Let that sink in.


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