Melania Trump’s Outfit In Saudi Arabia Visit Sparks Controversy Online



Melania Trump’s outfit has sparked a controversy online following her visit to Saudi Arabia.

This week, FLOTUS Melania Trump visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and decided to forego wearing headscarves – a traditional dress code in the region.

While it’s not exactly unusual and certainly not the first time for First Ladies to go on a state visit wearing non-traditional garb, they are expected to dress conservatively in the Middle Eastern country.

Melania Trump’s outfit barely showed skin – she was wearing a loose, floor-length pantsuit cinched by a large, gold belt.

It’s worth noting though that even Michelle Obama did not wear a headscarf when she visited Saudi Arabia in 2015 with President Barack Obama.

However, what seemingly annoyed many was that in 2015, when Trump was just a business mogul and all was right in the world, he took a jab at Michelle Obama’s outfit choice.

“Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted,” Trump wrote in January 2015. “We have enuf [enough]enemies.”

It’s fair to say though that perhaps this was really just Melania Trump’s decision and Donald Trump had no say about it (We hope).

Another aspect of Melania’s clothes that caught people’s attention was the golden belt.

A lot of people say her outfit made her look like she was about to go on a wrestling match than a meeting with world leaders. Some joked that Melania may have stolen an Air Force One seatbelt to complete her outfit.

Others, however, admired Melania’s bold fashion statement, as well as the way she greeted Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

There’s only one thing we can say about the whole issue though: We, as a society, should really stop judging and criticizing women by their clothes. And instead, credit them for their actions.

Instead, we really should observe how Trump quickly forgot he was there with his wife. Urgh. Cringe.


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