Melania Trump Is Just An ‘Object’ To Donald Trump, Body Language Expert Says


donald trump and melania trump

Following the presidential inauguration last Friday, Jan. 20, people have noticed Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s awkward behavior while Barack and Michelle Obama passed them the positions as POTUS and FLOTUS.

During the said event, Donald Trump appeared to be ignoring his wife, not once touching her, leaving her in the car and not bothering to help her up the stairs. According to a body language expert, the said interaction tells so much of the new President and First Lady’s relationship with eachother.

“If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married,” communication and behavior expert, Susan Constantine told Mic.

“Not only did he not wait, he went up the stairs and greeted the Obamas,” said Patti Wood, another body language expert and public speaker. “He didn’t even look back to see if she was there or help her up the stairs.”

“He does not, as she comes to his side, hold her, greet her, bring her in close. He does a quick glance as if she was anybody and he doesn’t touch her,” Wood added.

Comparing them to the Obamas, the experts say there is a stark difference on how the Trumps treat eachother, citing that moment when Melania handed Michelle a gift and Barack noticed that she seemed uncomfortable.

“It’s a great couple moment, like, ‘Oh, honey, I’ll take care of this for you,'” said Wood.

Tons of video clips and photos have also been shared of that moment when Donald Trump turned around to look at Melania and all of a sudden, her smile dropped into a frown.

“Melania is an object to [Trump],” Constantine explained. “I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever.”

This in comparison to the Obamas who “meet through their eyes,” said the behavior expert.

“Their [The Obamas] bodies are parallel. There’s a lot of genuine warmth and love between the two,” she said.

As for Donald and Melania during their first dance at the inaugural ball, Wood says their body language speaks of two people in a bad relationship.

“That typically says, ‘I don’t want to merge with you as a partner,'” said Wood, pointing out Melania leaning away from her husband as they danced. She also had her fingers our straight, a small sign that she did not feel any affection towards him. Meanwhile, Donald who was touching her pelvis to his the whole time meant he was “pulling her in sexually.”

Because of these awkward moments caught on cam, people couldn’t help but comment and make light of the new POTUS and FLOTUS.


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