Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Gets Turned Away By Kensington Security


A royal snub: Meghan Markle’s half sister Samantha was turned away by Kensington security.

If we, normal citizens going about our business, have the good sense to not want to meet with someone who seems to have no other purpose in life but to bad mouth us in public, what more a public figure, and a member of the British royal family at that?!

We think that’s exactly Meghan Markle’s (aka the Duchess of Sussex) frame of mind when her publicity-loving half-sister Samantha was in London last week. The Twitter troll (here’s her bashing Meghan with some class-act insults, and here’s her kinda taking it too far claiming Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland wasn’t around during the duchess’ childhood) strutted up to Kensington Palace with a bevvy of paparazzi looking to be let in unannounced because she “apologized” to the duchess a few days prior to the visit.   

Wow, sincere, wouldn’t you think? Looking to capture a tearful and dramatic reunion, Samantha?

Well, the guards weren’t having it either and turned Samantha and her posse away, but not before she gave them a letter with instructions to get it to Meghan.

Cosmopolitan reported that she then went to go check out some souvenir items with Prince Harry and Meghan’s faces on them.

“It seems like this visit to Kensington may be less-than-genuine because paparazzi captured the whole thing, implying that it all could just be a stunt for Samantha to get more attention, which, *sigh*” went on the report.

Like, how attention needy are these guys? At least we can rest easy knowing Meghan’s mom would never pull off an embarrassment like this!

Ragland is in fact, enjoying the company of the duke and duchess every now and then on their official engagements, and she isn’t eager to be the center of attention either!



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