There’s A Marijuana-Infused Mascara And Brow Gel And OMG


Ever heard of marijuana- infused mascara and brow gel?

Since the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, different industries have been harnessing the power of the plant, and the beauty world is no exception.
In fact, maybe your dream lashes: curled, darkened, and volumized to the gods; and your dream brow gel, which tints, moisturizes, and keeps hairs in place; can be achieved with a little CBD oil from good ol’ Mary Jane in your beauty products.

Lucky for us, Milk Makeup is delivering.

Part of their Kush line, Milk Makeup’s cannabis-infused Kush Mascara and Brow Gel promise to deliver stellar performance and just “one hit for high volume.”

Milk Makeup claims that their use of CBD oil in the products is a great vegan alternative to beeswax, a common ingredient in ‘all natural’ products, and the oil also gives the mascara a creamier texture for smoother applications, tug-free removal, and additional conditioning benefit.

The mascara was the first ‘baby’ of the Kush line, and aside from the above-mentioned good points, it also claims to never flake, because the ‘oil fuses heart-shaped fibers to lashes for thickness without the fallout.’

Beauty editors have raved about it, and think you should give it a go.

“After using it for three consecutive days, my lashes felt softer and less tangled with and without the mascara on,” wrote Refinery29’s Samantha Sasso, saying that the mascara felt like a combination of a treatment and a product.

“Your lashes will lengthen, your eyes will open up, and you won’t sacrifice hairs or experience flaking if you want to go for a more clumpy look,” gushed Nylon web editor Taylor Bryant.

Now how about the brows?

“Like hair mask for your brows, hemp-derived cannabis oil hydrates, set, and won’t cause flaking or stiffness. Also packed with aloe and cucumber extract for an extra surge of conditioning, leaving you with softer, healthier-looking brows,” their website beams.

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A quick peek at the comments section of their social media has users typing in all caps about how great the product is, and can’t wait for what Milk cooks up with cannabis next.

But why marijuana?

The 100% vegan company says that since their inception, they’ve wanted to utilize the plant’s ‘amazing properties’ to come out with products that wouldn’t tug, wasn’t flaky or stiff, and had additional conditioning benefits.


Now, can someone pass us one?


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