4 Easy Ways to Avoid Makeup Clutter


Got a little problem with makeup clutter?

We all love seeing our beauty products and accessories lined up and ready when we decide to glam it up, but sometimes our bathrooms or vanities can look like a tornado ripped it apart.

Our arrangement genius friends over at Real Living came up with four easy and manageable ways to keep your prized collections stored neatly and at the ready so you’re always looking your best:

Opt for natural lighting

“If you love achieving the natural look, you can ace it by working with natural light. As much as possible, avoid bright white and dim yellow light as it may leave you with a face that’s either too light or shadowy. Consider placing your vanity corner near a window so you can make the most of natural light,” they recommend. Makes sense to work with what Mother Nature gave us, right?

Declutter regularly

As you know, every beauty product and affordable accessory has an expiration date.  So when yours starts smelling funky or begins building rust, let it go, no matter how much it may hurt. Expired products, especially liquids, can build up bacteria over time which can wreak havoc on your skin.

“Also, some beauty products, like eyeshadow, are sensitive to heat. As a general rule, don’t store any of your items where they’ll be exposed to direct sunlight.”

Categorize your products per color

Real Living recommends keeping your collection of lipsticks, brushes, and other cosmetics in small drawers.

“If you have different colors of the same item, label each drawer with the color family each product belongs to: red, pink, and orange for your lipsticks and blush, and darks (like black and brown), pinks, and brights (think blue and yellow) for your eye shadows.” It also helps to keep a designated “essentials” drawer or cubby; where you place your regularly used items so you won’t have to dig through each drawer in the morning.

Segregate your accessories according to length

“Do you have the habit of keeping your necklaces and bracelets in one container? You must be dealing with tangled accessories all the time! Use an organizer to deal with this. You can hang your accessories according to length: long necklaces can go on top of your organizer, and bracelets can go at the bottom. If you’re feeling creative, you can also group them according to color! Doing this will turn your organizer into an instant decor piece for your room.”


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