Maisie Williams’ Twitter Request Involving Sophie Turner Had Hilarious Results


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Maisie Williams’ Twitter request just shows how cute and adorable her friendship with Sophie Turner is!
It’s a long wait before we get to see a fresh episode of Game of Thrones. And yes, despite winter’s arrival (which may mean more deaths), we’re still having major GoT blues.

Thankfully, some members of the cast are giving us distractions on social media. Exhibit A: When Maisie Williams asked fans this question:

“Can u pretty please send me funny pictures of Sophie and I when we were well young? They make me laugh so much,” the actress wrote on Twitter, Jan. 16, Monday.

Of course, Williams’ followers were quick to respond and sent their best and most hilarious MoPhie (Maisie and Sophie) moments caught on cam.
@Maisie_Williams my personal fave

As you we can see, Maisie and Sophie are fond of cross-eyed, wacky faces that Winterfell has yet to witness.

Meanwhile, try explaining this to Ned Stark:

Remember when they were only babies?

And when they were at the height of fashion:

Obviously, we need to talk about how they were possessed by the power of their own friendship (You can almost see it in their eyes):

Just look at Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson) in this photo. You would have thought MoPhie had taught him how to run zig-zag then.

Oh and one must swear fealty to one’s queen, of course. And take silly selfies, if kneeling is too intense for you.

Not long after, Maisie Williams seems to have regretted ever asking fans for anything because she Tweeted this:

MoPhie forever, y’all!


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