Women File Lawsuit Versus L’Oréal For Burned Scalps Caused By Hair Relaxers


 L’Oréal Hair Relaxers

L’Oréal is currently under fire after several customers have sustained burned scalps for using the hair product company’s SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer.

Alleged victims filed a lawsuit against L’Oréal in September, after using the said hair relaxer and finding their hair burned until they were bald.

The women who lost their hair are asking $5 million from the company and now, they are demanding an urgent massive recall of the relaxer.

According to reports, L’Oréal responded to the complaints claiming that the relaxer’s labels warned of these possible outcomes if the proper application or procedure is not followed.

Meanwhile, Ben Meiselas and Mark Geragos, counsel to the alleged victims, say that L’Oréal’s response alone is admission that their products contain dangerous chemicals, despite the labels saying that the hair relaxer “protects the scalp and skin.”

“Geragos’ firm says it’s downright absurd to blame the women harmed by the product, and they won’t relax until the relaxer is completely pulled from the shelves,” according to TMZ.

L’Oréal hair relaxer lawsuit for burned scalps

In addition to the lawsuit filed in September, another customer named Delicia Taylor complained of burned scalp after using the Softsheen relaxer.

“Delicia Taylor says in a new lawsuit she relied on the promise she’d get fuller, silkier hair,” TMZ reported in October. “So imagine her dismay when she looked in the mirror to see bald spots, burns, blistering and scabs on her scalp.”

This isn’t the first time someone has complained about L’Oreal products. In 2013, an angry Amazon customer complained of massive chunks of hair falling out from her scalp after using the hair product.

Even just now, going through their Amazon page, a lot of customers claim their hair started falling out after using Softsheen.

“I have never experienced burns like the burns from this product,” a customer wrote. “By the time I walked up the stairs to the bathroom it was unbearable. I pray my skin returns to normal and they should be sued.”


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