5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships either make or break you. The distance, the phone calls and the connection you have to maintain with a person who’s miles and miles away from you can completely change the way you look at relationships and at life in general.

There’s nothing like a long distance relationship to test you in ways you can’t even begin to understand. The feelings of restlessness and paranoia are common.

So before starting a long distance relationship or LDR with someone, it’s important that you should be aware of the consequences. Here are 6 important things you should know about LDR.

1. Your Partner Will Meet People You’ll Never Meet

This is probably a no-brainer but yes, the physical aspects (or lack thereof) of LDR would mean your partner will meet a lot of people that you probably will never see. When he or she talks about a co-worker who just got divorced, chances are, you’ll never really know what that person’s involvement in your partner’s life is, beyond your partner’s stories about him or her.

At times, it might make you feel jealous when he/she talks about his/her roommate but it’s important to remember that trust is important in any relationship if you want it to last.

2. You Need To Sacrifice And Compromise A LOT

Double the distance, double the effort. LDR takes a lot of work and commitment and a lot of times you will feel like it’s taking more from you than giving any kind of consolation or reward back. Sometimes your schedules may not be in sync and it gets harder when you’re both busy with your own lives.

Times like these, it’s important to set a definite time and day to “meet up” or talk to each other. Building a routine around your schedule will help you keep the connection alive.

3. You’re Gonna Break A Lot Of Promises

It’s a truth that’s hard to swallow – promises are 80% made to be broken, especially in long distance relationships. Sometimes you’d expect to see your partner on Christmas or some other holiday and then something comes up that would disrupt your plans. Some say LDR is not really a relationship but a promise of one. That’s up until you can finally be together. While some people disagree, most of the time, this holds true.

4. An End Goal Is Your Relationship’s Backbone

LDR is difficult to maintain and is emotionally exhausting sometimes. That’s why having an end goal is important. Will you get married in 2 or 3 years? Will your partner move in with you? Will you move in with him/her? An end goal keeps you motivated and inspired to keep on going. Plus, it gives you a sense of purpose in the relationship and gets your through the rocky times.

5. It’s A Gamble

LDR is a gamble and there are probably a lot more risks than rewards. So if you decide to start one, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Committing to it and giving it all you’ve got is the only way you can make it work.


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