This Is Logan, The First ‘American Girl’ Boy Doll


american girl boy doll

Mattel recently introduced the first American Girl boy doll, whose background story has women on the fence about the new addition to the popular brand.

American Girl could probably provide a doll for every story you make up in your head. The company has been creating dolls with back stories for decades; From Addy Walker, who escaped slavery to Isabelle Palmer, who is a ballerina-in-training.

This time, the toy brand introduces its first ever boy doll. His name is Logan Everett, a brown-haired drummer in dark jeans and hipster shirt. Logan is part of a rock band with another doll, Tenney Grant.

According to American Girl spokesperson, Stephanie Spanos, adding Logan into the vast collection of characters that the brand offers is an attempt to broaden their audience.

“A boy character has been a top request from our fans for decades,” Spanos told USA Today. “We’re hopeful Logan will appeal to both girls and boys. For boys, we know Logan can speak directly to them and give them something unique and special to call their own.”

Logan was met with both admiration and criticism on social media. Some people thought having an American Girl boy doll is a nod to diversity while others criticized Logan’s hair, clothes and overall appearance.

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