You Need To Look At This Cutie’s Head Full Of Hair


This little girl’s wild head of hair has people talking.

Teased, tousled, and bouncy to perfection; and she’s only 5.

Mia Aflalo from Tel Aviv is getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s for her incredible mass of brunette hair that her parents, and what seems like the rest of the world, seem to can’t enough of.


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Little Mia and the people who dress her seem to be having the time of their lives dolling up the little girl.


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But while some people are all about it, commenting #hairgoals on the posts, some people have been airing their concerns.

“Why would a mother put her child out there like this?” asked one commenter, while another said it was the doing of “strange parents” to dress up a tot like a woman.

“She looks like she is forced to do that shit stop doing it and let her play w barbies or smthing [sic]like that. She is not a doll,” another user opined.

Some users are also concerned with the toll the different styles are taking on the little girl, with the use of hot beauty tools and possible extensions.

“(Assuming it’s extensions because she has different amounts of hair in every pic) that’s not good for a little girls head/neck,” commented one user.


“This girl is gunna [sic]be mad when she grows up and her luscious hair is all damaged cause her mommy treated her like a doll,” another wrote.

“How the heck are you gonna get all the knots out from the teasing?” blasted another.

But as always with the Internet, the camp enjoying the hair-raising creations on the little girl were quick to defend the people who were playing a part in it.

“Wow!! Beautiful hair and little girl. Why shouldn’t you be proud of her and sharing her pics!” said one, while another user said that what the parents were enjoying with their little girl was “none of our business” because she was not in harm’s way.

While it’s fun to look at and even congratulate her parents on, Yahoo Lifestyle talked with Parent Zone editor Gemma Taylor, who said that while it might all be good, clean fun, there are still certain guidelines parents need to take in mind before exposing their children as the subject in social media.

“As Parent Zone’s research with Nominet showed, parents love sharing images of their kids on social media, with mums and dads posting on average 11-20 images a month. It’s natural for parents to want share special moments with friends and family,” she said, but according to their research, most parents never thought to check with their child if they wanted their picture posted online.

“I think this raises an interesting conversation around consent,” Taylor continues.

Taylor said there’s already a case of a teenager in Austria taking her parents to court for sharing her image on social media, and some French lawyers are warning parents they might be violating the country’s privacy laws should they do the same.

“Adults need to be aware that as children grow up, they may not want their formative years exposed in such a public way. It’s also hard to control images once they are posted online, so, before uploading, it’s good to consider, ‘is this in the best interests of the child?’”


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