Lindsay Lohan Harasses A Syrian Refugee Family, Gets Punched In The Face


A bizarre Instagram live: Lindsay Lohan accuses family literally just passing by her of human trafficking, gets socked in the face for trying to grab one of the kids.

From her new accent, to her less than coordinated but you-do-you dancing, Lindsay Lohan took it up a notch and got punched in the process after she accused a refugee family literally just passing by her of human trafficking, and livestreamed the entire thing on Instagram.

According to a story on Nylon, Lohan apparently spotted the homeless family composed of two children and their parents, and said they were “a Syrian refugee family I’m really worried about.”

The incident occurred in Moscow, and on video, she goes up to them and says “Tell me your story,” but it didn’t look like they could understand what she was saying.

She was apparently trying to get them to come with her and even told the children she can take them to “watch movies on a television or a computer.” When it appears that they don’t budge, she started to get angry.

The family then tries moving away from her and she follows them, hurling the accusations in a horrible and frankly racist accent. It’s unclear in the video, but she tried to grab one of the children and they cry out, then that’s when the woman, who appears to be the mother, throws hands with the former Disney star.

The phone camera then turns toward the actress and she’s seen holding her face, saying she “was scared.”
While she has since deleted the video, the footage has already been re-recorded and passed around on social media.


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WTF: #lindsaylohan gets punched in the face for trying to take two kids from their mum

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We don’t know about you, but when a strange white lady comes out of nowhere and tries to grab one of my kids while spouting gibberish, we would probably launch these hands too; and it’s strange how Lohan says she’s the one that’s scared.

The Nylon report added that Lohan or her representatives have yet to comment on the matter.


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