We’re Big Fans Of This Life-Changing Nude Lippie


The nude lippie everyone says will make you look instantly look put together!

Do products labeled as “life changing” or “miracle worker” live up to their claim?

When it comes to the Triple Luxe Long-Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick by Jane Iredale (whew) Cosmopolitan writer Kristin Iversen seems to think so.
Specifically, the shade ‘Molly’, which is supposed to register as a sandy, pinky-peach nude on lighter skin tones.

Retailing for $35, will it be something we’ve never seen before?

“It’s the perfect nude—very Anna Karina in Une Femme Est Une Femme or Brigitte Bardot, as she’s about to get married in And God Created Woman.

All to say, one swipe makes your lips appear both more defined and impossibly full, as if you’ve been pressing them together over and over again, so that they puffed out just the right amount, and are now tinged with the most delicate pink flush,” gushes Iversen, and wow, when you break out the Brigitte Bardot comparisons, you know a beauty junkie’s impressed.

Iversen says that aside from the lippie’s creamy, non-drying texture, she’s most impressed that she doesn’t have to bust out the mirrors when she has to put it on.

“I don’t want [a product’s]effectiveness to be dependent on what else I’m wearing on my face or body. I just want one simple product that can be thrown in my purse—or even a pocket—and be whipped out anytime and anywhere I might want to look totally put together, the embodiment of casual luxury,” she said, and so far, the Jane Iredale lipsticks fit the bill.


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“Molly” is in the middle, with (L) “Joanna” and (R) “Natalie”.

Iversen says that she’s put it to the test, and it was able to last for four hours before needing any sort of touch-up, and this was with multiple cups of tea and bottles of water in between! Wow!

While a red lip can lift you out of a funk on most days, easier-going days can do with easy-going, unfussy looks, wouldn’t you agree? And maybe ‘Molly’ can help you achieve that.


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