Let’s Talk About How An Ikea Bag Makes Bathroom Breaks Easy For Your Wedding


An Ikea bag hack for wedding day bathroom emergencies?

June is in full swing, and for some traditional types, that means wedding season is gearing up too.

But beneath the beautiful, Pinterest-sourced setup, the tear-jerking vows, and the flouncy, poofy dresses sure to be abundant this season, lies the truth that weddings are uncomfortable as hell.

You’ve got people running around all over the place either telling you what to do, or if you’re the coordinator, you’re the one telling everybody else running around what to do; but for one bride, the bathroom breaks during the festivities was one obstacle she was eager to tackle.

How you ask? Enter the sturdy Ikea Frakta shopping bag.


The bride, who mentioned in her blog post that her name was Tina, got married a few weeks ago and initially worried how she was going to answer the call of nature in a tight-fitting, extremely layered up gown.

“I got married a few weeks ago (in a mermaid wedding dress) and I was really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to … handle myself. Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? NO WAY!,” she wrote.

She came up with the hack in ‘like, three minutes,’ and only cost her 0.80 euro. Simply take your large Ikea tote, cut a whole big enough for you to fit through, pack it away discreetly while the ceremonies are ongoing (or you know, let one of your bridesmaids handle it for you!), and when times comes you need to utilize the Ikea bag; simply unravel, collect your miles of dress cloth within the bag as you pull it up, and go do your thang on the throne, Ikea bag around your waist and your dress mess free!

“You don’t need to remove your shoes!” said Tina, and added that you could “Place the larger handles on your shoulders. You can also if you prefer, ask someone to just help you put the dress inside the bag and to leave you alone after.”

The post has made the rounds with thousands of likes and shares, and the hack’s even been declared ‘pure genius.’


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