5 Weight Loss Hacks For Lazy Girls (And Boys!)


weight loss

Weight loss is a serious, tedious and difficult business that even just a thought of exercising or dieting makes you want to eat a whole cake.

People say lazy people don’t get anything done but sometimes, lazy just becomes a part of our personality. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything though. A little bit of this and that can actually get you somewhere. Sort of.

In terms of weight loss, there are some hacks you can do that don’t require much effort. It’s perfect if you can’t be bothered to untangle yourself from your bedsheets and away from your Netflix but sometimes experience bursts of productivity.

1. Sleep Right

This is probably the easiest weight loss trick you can do. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours everynight helps keep your brain chemical in check, which means keeping your bodily functions in tip-top shape. Studies say that lack of sleep beefs up ghrelin production in your body. Ghrelin is a brain chemical responsible for sending hunger signals. Meanwhile, another chemical called leptin is significantly reduced when you lack sleep. Leptin is responsible for helping you recognize fullness.

2. Eat From Small Plates

It sounds unbelievably simple but can be effective – eating your meals from small plates tricks your brain into thinking it’s eating just the right amount. That’s because the brain responds to visuals first, thus, presenting it with an image of a full plate (despite the plate being so small) can imply that you’ve loaded up a lot.

3. Chew Slowly

It takes a while for the brain to register that you’re eating. Thus, it will do you good to chew your food slowly to give your brain time to catch up. Take small bites and really savor the flavors. Food should be an experience, not a chore.

4. Detoxify

Detoxify your digestive tract by drinking tons of water everyday. Water can help flush out harmful toxins that may be contributing to weight gain. If you can’t stand drinking water alone, you can add lemon and cucumber slices in your water to give it an extra kick.

5. Turn Down Your Thermostat

Studies show that our bodies burn more calories in the cold than in warm temperatures. That’s because your body works twice as much in order to regulate your temperature. Lower the temp so that you’d shiver a little bit. This can prove uncomfortable but the weight loss effect just might be visible in a few weeks’ time.


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