Lauren Bowman Is A Poet To Watch Out For


Everyday situations we have to face can get heavy and stressful, and sometimes all we want is for somebody to understand what we’re going through.

It could be from a friend or family member, or from the books we read, the songs we listen, and the art that we like to consume. Enter Lauren Bowman.

You might have seen her poems (with accompanying line sketches from her illustrator friends) floating around on Instagram, and her pieces might just be what you need to read when you want to feel like someone understands.

Romantic, sometimes painful, but always poignant; Bowman’s pieces are short, yet she immediately makes her point.

You can honestly get lost for hours scrolling through her work, reading and internalizing the pieces that mean most to you. Heck, even found myself shedding a tear or two after a few pieces that hit a little close to home, and you know what? That’s healthy. It’s a time to process personal emotions, frustrations, what-have-you…and doing it through reading makes it all the more better.

If the thought of always turning to your phone brings you dread, don’t worry, Bowman is coming out with a book of her poetry this summer, titled The Evolution of A Girl.


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