Did Kylie Jenner Really Remove Her Lip Fillers?


Why’d Kylie take out her lip fillers?

So you might’ve already seen the now tell-tale photo reality star and lipkit mogul Kylie Jenner posted over the last week, where her lips are noticeably less full than what we’ve become accustomed to since 2014.

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Confirming to a fan in the photo’s comments section that she ‘had all her filler removed,’ a lot of people think that Kylie’s starting to embrace a more ‘natural’ version of herself.

And if a source “close with Jenner” who spoke with Hollywood Life is to be believed, then what you’re thinking is right!

The source claims that having her baby girl Stormi early this year has ‘changed Kylie’s perception about herself.’

“Becoming a mom has changed Kylie in so many ways, and one of the biggest changes has been her own self-confidence,” the source said, adding that boyfriend Travis Scott has also been a major confidence booster.

“He tells her all the time that she was beautiful before she ever got her lips done,” said the insider. “He encourages her to be more natural all the time, and that’s done a world of good for her.”

That’s an amazing development for Kylie, who has always said that her genetic small lips were an insecurity of hers, but joked about it on her vlog with best friend model Jordyn Woods, where they answered questions from fans.

“The one thing I was insecure about, she has. She has the most perfect lips in the whole entire world. She didn’t get those from me,” Jenner joked.

But OK! Magazine spoke with plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Breslow about the photo above, and said that her lips still looked a bit fuller than what Kylie was rocking with back in her teens.

“From her photos I think Kylie Jenner had them reduced not removed,” the surgeon (who hasn’t treated Jenner himself) said. He added that he thinks Kylie probably had them overfilled and wanted them reduced a bit.

Still, overcoming one’s insecurities is a major milestone for anyone, and for someone with a life as public as Kylie’s, to gradually do so while in the spotlight is a huge personal triumph, we think.


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