Korean Skincare Trick: Applying Moisturizer Immediately After Wash


Korean skincare is everywhere! Just go to any drug store or skincare boutique and you’ll find a Korean beauty product that promises wonders.

There’s a reason why Korean skincare is so popular – it’s because they are five steps ahead of Western skincare habits and products, most of which are alcohol-based and ultimately takes a toll on our skin.

Korean beauty products, however, focus on moisturizing, color correcting and pampering skin using ingredient from snails and other worldly creatures but with scientific formulation. The bottom line: K-beauty products are the bomb.

And Koreans do know a whole lot more about the way our skin works. Where Americans only follow three steps – cleanse, tone and moisturize – Koreans adapt at least ten skincare routines that they do every night, depending on their skin needs.

It’s all about listening to and observing your skin. Another stroke of Korean skincare genius is this trick: Moisturizing immediately after washing your face.

Why Koreans Do It

According to Seoul-based dermatologist, Dr. Lucy Myeong, a freshly-washed face is more receptive to the ingredients in our moisturizers.

“Our skin welcomes active ingredients in products we use particularly well when they’re fresh from a wash,” Dr. Myeong said. “Ideally, you should apply moisturizers to your face within three to ten seconds from the time you’ve washed it.”

According to her, wet skin work well with skin products when they’re supple and moist compared to dry and dull skin.

“Hydrated skin is more likely to absorb all the good stuff that you put on,” she said. “Compared to dry skin or applying your products a few minutes after washing, hydrated skin takes it in better.”

But don’t worry if you can’t make it out of the shower in three to ten seconds.

“We’re not saying you should rush to get out of the shower to make it in time for the ideal three-second period,” Dr. Myeong said. “I’m sure the active ingredients in your moisturizer would still seep into your pores if there’s a slight delay. We’re just stating the best time to apply such products.”

Dr. Myeong also said that the best skincare habit is still drinking tons of water, eating balanced meals and sleeping the right amount of hours everynight.

“Nothing beats a good night’s sleep,” she said.


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