Kit Harington Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan like us, then you’d probably invested some feelings into the charactets of the show like Jon Snow, who is played by the very talented, Kit Harington.

While Kit Harington is indeed a very versatile actor, we also can’t help but appreciate his hair, his eyes, his smile and most of all, his non-existent ability to wink (the only proof that he is a human being who has limitations).

If one year without a single new episode of Game of Thrones made you forget the gift that is Kit Harington, then let us count the ways.

When he pierced us with this look:

When his hair is slicked back:

When he contemplated on how he’s ever going to top this photoshoot:

When he looked like a sexy Harry Potter:

When he drove a car as Jon Snow and knew nothing:

Jon Snow car commercial – voiced by @drstevelove

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When he and reel and real-life girlfriend, Rose Leslie were seen together:

When he talked about Sophie Turner like a real-life brother:

#SophieTurner and #KitHarington ♥️

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When he showed us his “range” as an actor:

Part2 Enjoy watching 😂😂😂😂 ##kitharington #jimmykimmel

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And finally, when he was just being the same, brooding and good-looking Jon Snow:

#KitHarington 👊🏻 #gameofthrones #jonsnow #winterfell #winterishere

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