Why Kim Kardashian Loves The Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask


Check out this ‘glowing’ review of the Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask!

In case you were on the fence about whether to get that blue tube of what Instagram models (and even Kim Kardashian West!) are promoting left and right, dubbed the Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask, then maybe this gushing testament from Cosmopolitan will win you over!

First off, it’s called the jetlag mask because it’s meant to put moisture back into the skin after you’ve been on a hydration-sucking flight (did you know airplanes have the same humidity level as the desert?), but the leave-in formulation means you can use it post-work too, because we all know how the office AC can get :/

“I smoothed on a minimal amount—like, I’m talking a very thin, even layer—and then took an afternoon nap. I had never slept with a mask on before, but, since I smoothed on the right amount this time, I felt okay about it because the formula wasn’t sticky—aka I knew it wouldn’t get all over my pillow or stuck in my hair,” writes Cosmo beauty editor Lauren Adhav on her ‘rediscovery’ of the product, since the first time she glooped on an excessive amount left her with a blemish.


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“I woke up an hour later to a very shocking compliment from my boyfriend. The first thing he said to me was, “Lauren, your face is glowing!” I’m not even kidding you, those were his exact words (and he’s not the type of guy who knows too much about skincare—sorry, Max!—nor does he ever use the word glowing). But he was right; without looking in the mirror my face even felt dewy. Obviously I went straight to the bathroom to confirm my glowy status. One look at my reflection and my jaw almost hit the floor. How was my skin this bright and hydrated from one use?!” wrote Adhav.

Wow, our interest is piqued!

You can check out Summer Fridays’ veeeery soothing Instagram here and peep their other offerings.


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