Kim Kardashian Shaded The Hell Out Of Lamar Odom


This is a case of Kim Kardashian vs. Lamar Odom.

Okay, you might be rolling your eyes with all the Kardashian news that’s been popping up lately but honestly, there’s not a lot that this family can do that won’t drum up attention, especially when it’s sticking up for each other.

On Thursday night, Odom, ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian in an interview with BET’s Mancave said he was over his marriage to Khloe when he realized she was on “her second or third NBA player,” alluding to the reality star’s penchant for dating basketball players.

Odom is also a former player, while Khloe’s current boo and baby daddy Tristan Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kim was not having it and retweeted the interview along with the caption “or second or third brothel,” slamming Odom.

Odom has a history with heavy drug use and alcohol abuse, and in 2015 was found passed out in a brothel bed in an apparent overdose. He and Khloe were already in the midst of their divorce at the time but Khloe made sure she was present at the hospital when he was recuperating. More on that over here.

We know he was probably asked the question, but to talk negatively about the person who still stuck by him throughout his health scare and recuperation even while they were undergoing divorce is kind of on him, you know?

He could’ve artfully dodged a pointed question like Kim did in her interview with Jennifer Lawrence who took over for Jimmy Kimmel last year, wherein Lawrence asked her a question about Blac Chyna; her brother Rob’s estranged baby momma and mother to her niece Dream.

“You know, I always said when someone asked me, you know Dream is going to see this one day so I think it’s super respectful to just not say anything about my niece’s mom.” See? Pure art and respect.

Eldest sister Kourtney isn’t one to back away from defending her sisters from their exes either, like in the joint interview she and Kim gave to host David Letterman  a few years ago; when Kim was sued by ex-husband basketball player Kris Humphries after their disastrous 72 day marriage and subsequent divorce.

Humphries sued Kim over the grounds that she married him for publicity, and when Letterman brought it up, Kourtney iconically said:

“I feel like if she was going to marry someone for publicity, she would pick someone that people knew,” drawing laughter and applause from their crowd.

They may piss each other off the most, but no doubt will be the first to bring the claws out when one of their own is in need. Way to go, Kardashians!


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